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Integration Resources

Cloudflare integrates with content management systems, control panels, cloud providers, eCommerce platforms and more.


Cloudflare’s free plugin for WordPress accelerates page load speeds, improves SEO, and protects against DDoS attacks and WordPress-specific vulnerabilities.

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Google Cloud

The flexibility of Google Cloud Platform coupled with the power and protection of the Cloudflare community is just a button-click away.

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Acquia Cloud Edge Powered by Cloudflare is a family of products that extends the security and performance advantages of the Acquia Platform to the edge of the distribution network.


Cloudflare improves the performance and security of your Rackspace hosted website or application via DDoS attack prevention, an integrated web application firewall (WAF), and content delivery network (CDN). Protect your assets from even the largest of DDoS attacks.

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Microsoft Azure
Microsoft Azure

Cloudflare supplements the performance and security of Microsoft Azure’s cloud service platform through DDoS attack mitigation, an integrated web application firewall (WAF), and content delivery network (CDN), while reducing your overall compute cost and bandwidth consumed.

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Cloudflare partners with IBM to provide a one-stop shop for security and performance to protect and optimize public-facing web content and applications on the IBM Cloud.

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WP Engine

WP Engine’s Global Edge Security solution integrates Cloudflare’s WAF, DDoS, and full page CDN to accelerate secure and performant enterprise digital experiences on its WordPress platform.

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