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Secure Hybrid Work

Tackle your modernization journey. One use case at a time.
  • Secure any user accessing any application, on any device, in any location. Prioritize your highest risk assets first.
  • Improve team productivity and technology efficiency while reducing cyber risk with our Zero Trust platform.
Why choose Cloudflare?

Secure access

Augment or replace VPNs, protect contractors and unmanaged devices, simplify developer and privileged access, and accelerate mergers and acquisitions.

Threat defense

Protect distributed remote offices with dedicated Internet access, strengthen defenses against phishing and ransomware, and modernize SEG/SWG hardware.

Secure with Microsoft

Add an additional layer of Zero Trust security when migrating email inboxes or productivity suites to M365 or migrating apps to Azure.

Security shield zero trust
Deliver Zero Trust network access

Give your entire ecosystem faster, safer access to corporate resources with a zero-overhead approach utilizing:

  • Cloudflare Access

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Cloudflare One  SASE Solution
Manage contractor access

Provide a first class experience for third-party collaborators with fast, safe access to applications utilizing:

  • Cloudflare Access

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Security shield protection blue
Protect employees on the Internet

Give users a secure web gateway with fast, safe Internet browsing and no backhauling required utilizing:

  • Cloudflare Gateway

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Analytics network blue
Replace Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

Simplify complicated, overburdened VPNs with a more modern, scalable approach utilizing:

  • Cloudflare Access

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Secure distributed remote workforces

Secure remote teams, devices, and data without slowdown or sacrificing user experience utilizing:

  • Cloudflare Zero Trust

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Cloudflare pages
Secure access to SaaS applications

Protect your data without security risks, visibility challenges, or access control roadblocks utilizing:

  • Cloudflare CASB

  • Cloudflare Access

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Stop ransomware and phishing
Stop ransomware and phishing

Make web browsing safer and faster for your business with a Zero Trust browsing service utilizing:

  • Cloudflare Browser Isolation

  • Cloudflare Gateway

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Key blue
Activate phishing-resistant MFA

Thwart phishing and the most dangerous threat vectors with security keys and Zero Trust utilizing:

  • Cloudflare Access

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Cloudflare powers Canva's global expansion with access, security, and serverless services.

How we enable secure remote access for Canva's internal applications

Canva adopted Cloudflare Access after a successful pilot with CanvaWorld, an internal social media platform. Canva expanded their Access usage to their internal testing and front-end development workflow.

“We went all-in, everyone in the company has an Access seat,” says Jim Tyrell, Head of Infrastructure.

Cloudflare Access enables and secures remote access to internal apps, eliminating the need for Canva to build its own identity and access management (IAM) solution.

View case study

“Just as Canva simplifies graphic design, Cloudflare simplifies performance and security.

Thanks to Cloudflare, we can focus on growing our product and expanding into new markets with confidence, knowing that our platform is fast, reliable, and secure.”

Jim Tyrrell • Head of Infrastructure

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