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Cloudflare for Gaming

Secure, accelerate, analyze, and build with Cloudflare

Delivering excellent real-time experiences at scale to players around the world is a massive challenge. Solve it with Cloudflare — which helps power fast, immersive, and reliable online gaming experiences.

Secure and accelerate your game with Cloudflare's 100% uptime SLA, DDoS and bot mitigation, traffic acceleration, bespoke serverless matchmaking architecture, and more.

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Secure your game

Gaming companies are often vulnerable to DDoS attacks. Game platforms that rely on custom TCP and UDP communication protocols require even more resources to prevent these attacks.

Protect the uptime, performance, and integrity of your game servers with Cloudflare.


Get DDoS protection for all your TCP/UDP applications. Give your custom game applications DDoS protection with fast performance.

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DDoS Protection

Reduce the risk of lost customers, declining revenues, and degraded brand with better uptime and protection against Layer 7 DDoS attacks.

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Bot Management

Prevent fraudulent account creation and preserve the integrity of your First Person Shooter (FPS) games with Bot Management.

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Magic Transit

DDoS protection and traffic acceleration for on-premise, cloud-hosted, and hybrid networks — delivered from every Cloudflare data center.

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API Shield

Keep your APIs secure and productive with API discovery, schema validation, strong authentication, and more.

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Zero Trust

Give developers and contractors secure and streamlined access to internal systems.

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Accelerate your game

Players are likely to be globally distributed, and game servers geographically distant from players — which leads to slow downloads and high ping times. Players are quick to abandon a game if there is noticeable lag or if the game does not respond in real-time.

Cloudflare’s globally distributed network spans 300 cities, enabling proximity to players and delivering lightning-fast experiences.

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Cloudflare CDN

Deliver online game downloads, software updates, and live video to any device — at scale, and with minimal latency — over Cloudflare’s global network for a consistent and reliable gamer experience.

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Argo Smart Routing

Use Cloudflare's incredible network intelligence and private backbone to deliver traffic to your gamers over the fastest Internet paths and avoid network congestion.

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Ensure fast video delivery, with shorter video startup times and reduced buffering, no matter where your players are located.

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Analyze networks and gaming websites

You can't improve what you don't measure. Analyze logs from networks, applications, and security services to gain insights on how to improve security and performance for your players.

Cloudflare Analytics

Monitor the health of your servers, look at latency trends over time, and better understand the threat landscape, all in one place.

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Cloudflare Logs

Get detailed logs of your HTTP requests. Use these logs to debug, identify configuration adjustments to improve performance and security, and create custom analytics. Combine request logs with other data sources, such as game server logs, for end-to-end visibility.

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Cloudflare Radar

Get Internet insights, threats and trends based on aggregated Cloudflare network data.

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Web Analytics

Get analytics for your website without invading your players' privacy. Cloudflare web analytics provides data such as hostnames, URLs or countries without the use of cookies or "fingerprinting". Investigate spikes in traffic by zooming into the relevant time range with a simple click.

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Build your game with serverless development

Building, scaling, and maintaining infrastructure to protect and accelerate your game platform can be time- and cost-prohibitive.

Cloudflare's serverless development platform lets you augment existing applications (e.g. user authentication and authorization mechanisms), add new game features (e.g. bespoke matchmaking), or build entirely new games.

Cloudflare Workers provides a serverless JavaScript and WASM execution environment that enables you to:

  • Quickly build applications without configuring or maintaining servers or containers
  • Easily scale to support spikes in demand
  • Run application logic within milliseconds of your users
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Save with the Bandwidth Alliance

Is your game platform hosted on a public cloud host provider? You may be eligible to significantly discounted egress fees.

The Bandwidth Alliance is a group of forward-thinking cloud and networking companies that are committed to discounting or waiving data transfer (also known as bandwidth) fees for shared customers.

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