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Cloudflare for Education

Take learning to the next level with Cloudflare

Educational institutions rely on the Internet and the cloud to deliver rich learning experiences. Cloudflare helps schools and universities provide secure access to online resources, while shielding them from attacks and downtime.

A secure, scalable remote learning infrastructure

As students turn to online universities and schools to explore new avenues for e-learning, online educational platforms must provide positive user experiences, be consistently available, and remain secure.

Cloudflare provides a unified, scalable, and easy-to-use product stack that delivers security, performance, and reliability for anything connected to the Internet — from e-learning apps to full online courses.

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Why do educational institutions choose Cloudflare?

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Protect networks from DDoS attacks

Remain online in the face of denial-of-service or distributed denial-of-service attacks so students can always access the educational materials they need.

Cloudflare Magic Transit
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Secure remote access for teachers and students

Securely access online educational resources — without performance degradation or worrying about malware, data breaches, and other threats. Learn more

Cloudflare Zero Trust
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Advanced bot management

Protect students and teachers from account takeovers with advanced malicious bot detection and mitigation.

Cloudflare Bot Management
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Protect online learning applications

Protection for your e-learning applications, with an easy to use and to deploy Web Application Firewall. Automatically updated managed firewall rules, based on Cloudflare threat intelligence.

Cloudflare WAF
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Personalized student experience

Create custom learning applications by running serverless code at the network edge.

Cloudflare Workers
Do more with less

Reduce complexity and consolidate technology by using integrated security and networking services, managed from a single pane of glass, with a predictable pricing model.

Cloudflare One

Protect e-learning platforms

Cloudflare offers a consolidated and user-friendly platform with solutions for all of educational institutions’ most common IT and security challenges. With Cloudflare, you can:

  • Deliver static and dynamic content efficiently, at scale
  • Protect your learning platform from DDoS attacks
  • Protect your students and teachers' personal information
  • Shield the online infrastructure of your campus and school district
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Customer Case Studies

See how other educational institutions use Cloudflare.

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Product demos

Learn more about Cloudflare’s products and features, including Cloudflare WAF, Cloudflare Zero Trust, and Cloudflare Bot Management.

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